Bring on the colour

1 min read

My last site design sucked!

It was only meant to be a stopgap solution before I added various components such as portfolio and a decent contact page. The problem, however, was that my stopgap solution was in fact a crap solution. A bland design that must have only deterred visitors to my site.

Either way after discussing it with a few friendly designer types it was made very clear that things need to get a bit more colourful… so I did just that. I was also mindful of keeping things simple, I’ve not bothered with a contact form for instance, because frankly they’re a complete bugger to style and why would anyone need to use it if my email is easily available.

I’ve continued on my mini performance optimisation crusade making sure the site loads in double quick time, the front-page of which is (for the most part) is the heaviest coming in under 450kb including fonts, jQuery etc. There’s more that can (and will) be done, but with some decent scores on PageSpeed, YSlow and it’s a good starting point.

Finally I’ve decided to put the theme files on GitHub, not so anyone can rip of my mediocre design, but so you can have a look around the files to see how I’ve built it. Constructive criticism is encourages, you can raise an issue if you see a problem too.